Expensive Day

I took my Blazer into the shop today. I knew I was in desperate need of an alignment at minimum and more than likely, at least two tires. Throw in an oil change and well that would be expensive enough. Turns out, the alignment was the least of my problems. We are pretty sure I damaged my “whatever” (I’m tired and fighting off a sinus infection and too lazy to go to my vehicle to get the name of the part that had to be replaced) when I had my snow adventure at the end of February.

Anyway, that part was the cause of my shimmying and the massive wear on my front left tire. The others weren’t so bad, but were very low on tread (not surprising considering they have a lot of miles on them). So, it was four new tires for yours truly. Considering the snow we got last year, I went ahead and got some better, though more expensive, tires. Now I look like I have true SUV tires on rather than just truck tires.

They also remarks on how I was in need of a radiator flush. Gah! I’d forgotten about that. I’d been reminded of that a couple of times before from other places when I got a quick oil change and just didn’t do it then. I decided that if I was going to spend, I might as well go all the way. “In for a penny, in for a pound” as they say.

In the end, all of the parts (including four new tires, oil, filter, radiator fluid), labor, disposal fees and taxes came to about $1,085. Discover card will be e-mailing me about “a massive charge has been placed on your credit card” which I will say, “Yeah, that was me.”

Well, here’s hoping I don’t get completely sick and have to add more to my bills.

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