Attack of the Spiders

Of all of the multi-legged creatures (insects and the like) God has created, I’ve noticed that only one seems to show up the most within the home — the spider. I suppose that’s understandable considering the hunter-trapper nature of spiders. So they creep around either looking for a new place to lay a snare for prey or they scout around looking for prey to snare.

Now I’m used to seeing a lot of spiders in Colorado. After all, in the evening outside my apartment and along a certain section of sidewalk that leads to the building I work in, there are lots of gray hunting spiders (no clue what the actual type they are, but they run around like mad when you walk by and they appear to live in the rock beds). Seeing spiders of different types within my apartment isn’t rare either (though mostly uncommon).

This year has been different though. I’ve had more bloody spiders in my apartment this year than I’ve ever seen before. A few weeks ago, an egg sack somewhere (I’ve no clue where it was at) hatched, leaving roughly 20 baby spiders around my medicine chest in the bathroom. There have been countless small spiders all over. Heck, I was half-asleep the other evening and walking to the kitchen to get something to drink when I noticed a small spider dangling from me. *_*

And then there are the webs. The word “cobweb” is appropriate because I don’t tend to notice the sheer number of webs until a little dust collects on them and then I happen to be standing in the right place to notice this from the lighting. It amazes me how I can run a swifter duster (on the extender) everywhere to remove these things (usually corners, especially those where the ceiling joins the wall) and a few weeks later, discover a whole bunch more. Heck, last night I was laying in bed and before I touched the lamp to shut it off, I noticed bloody webs on my lotion dispenser going down to the bottle itself. That had to happen within the last couple of days (the last time I used lotion).

I know spiders serve a useful purpose, but I just don’t want them in my house. *_*

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  1. I never had to use the stuff until I moved to Colorado (and yeah, I get the inference in your remark but I’m ignoring it). The dry air means lotion and a swamp cooler to have some humidity. ^_^;

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