Snow Event #9 Part 2


Another bust as far as I’m concerned. Other part south and east of Longmont may have gotten more snow, but the inch or so we got was it. Indeed, when I left the apartment at 17:30 to go to work, the snow had already stopped in Longmont and in Boulder. As I looked into the night sky after reaching my destination, I was pretty sure we wouldn’t see another flake. So much for the 3 to 8-inches.

But like I said, I guess the problems in metro-Denver were worse with accidents, slow drives, blowing snow, and more accumulations. That’s why I’m glad I have only ~4.5 miles on my commute! ^_^;;;

The cold will be the big thing with temps anywhere from -6° to -8°. The wind will be blowing so that’s going to make it feel colder. The high for tomorrow is supposed to be 13° with windchill at -20°. That’s cold!

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