2014 Weight Loss, Week 14

Just a quick blurb since I’m pressed for time. Due to having to work Saturday, I ended up not checking my weight for week 13, though it was a bad week with the Guru coming in to visit from NJ. I knew the news wouldn’t be good. Week 14 was not any better despite my thoughts of getting back on the wagon. Regardless, when I weighed in on Saturday, it was 326.6 pounds.

Clearly, at the moment, I’m out of control. I have the hardest time getting back on the wagon once I go off, mainly because the old Pac-man feeding frenzy switch kicks in and while I want to lose weight, there’s a part of me that rather enjoys scarfing massive amounts of food. Sad but true. *_*

Regardless, I do have to get back on the wagon and not let work stress, frustration, or the like distract me. Not an easy task this week to be sure, but it must be done.

09 Falman frustrated

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