2014 Weight Loss, Week 5

It is Saturday, which means it is time to get on them scales of doom again. This week, I weighed in at 319.2 pounds, which is a loss of 2.2 pounds from last week’s 321.4, and a new low since it drops be below my previous low two weeks ago of 319.6 pounds.  Needless to say, I’m pleased with the results, though I wasn’t sure this was going to be a positive weight loss week.

As I said last week, I decided to drop the 5:2 Diet portion of my weight loss scheme. The 5:2 Diet is great to get the ball rolling as it acts like a 2-punch sledgehammer, but I was ready to move on from the sledgehammer. Also, thought I haven’t mentioned this before on my 5:2 Diet fast days, I was always really cold, even on warm days.  I guess my blood pressure may have been down on those days, but I couldn’t say for sure.

Regardless, because I had dropped the 5:2 Diet, I monitored my weight pretty closely this week, something I don’t usually do. I pretty much decided to eat as normal using the Carb Addicts Diet rules so I wasn’t too bad for the week on the eating front. (I did have a chocolate cream filled long john on Saturday, and a “big breakfast” brunch for my carb meal on Sunday.)  However, I was horrified to see my weight shooting up to a peak of 325 pounds by Tuesday. After that, the weight loss began with a big drop, followed by a continued, slow drop on the subsequent days thereafter.

I figure that my body was reacting to having the 5:2 Diet completely removed with the weight gain, but then recovered and I resumed weight loss the rest of the week.

Hopefully, I’ll continue this positive trend and not start dreaming of food. ^_~x2 food

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