2014 Weight Loss, Week 3

The third complete week in January has come to an end, which of course means that it is time for me to get on the scales. The weight loss continues as I weighed 319.6 this morning, which is a drop of 1.6 pounds from last week’s 321.2. While not the two pounds a week I would prefer, the continued weight loss is all that matters in the end.

I have to say that I was somewhat disbelieving of the scales. For starters, dropping below 320 looks odd to me (though I’ll get used to it) when I see it on the scales. I also had a couple of days were I didn’t break either my 5:2 Diet rules nor the Carb Addicts Diet rules, but where I did splurge food-wise.

Last Saturday, I made a large pot of spaghetti, which is tied with cheeseburgers as a favorite food of mine, and I overindulged somewhat.  Wednesday, I went out with Dev-san and Tests-a-lot to Sushi Den for lunch. I had recorded training lessons of the martial arts style that Tests-a-lot teaches for Dev-san, so he repaid us by buying lunch.  I had the chicken and vegetable tempura, which was incredible, and a bowl of miso soup, which was the best I’ve EVER had. Dev-san got me to try a couple of pieces of sushi. (I don’t remember the names, but I think one had grilled fatted tuna and the other was some raw fish of some kind.) There was a desert we shared, but the killer was probably the glasses of Coke with grenadine. ^_^;  It was all good though.

Sushi Den

Although it has been three weeks, I still don’t feel in a groove.  I have made progress in my weight loss, for which I am thankful, but I still don’t have the right mindset.  I have found that even when I haven’t craved foods on my Carb Addicts Diet days, I still want to eat, even if I still feel full. This is just a mental thing and I just need to put it in its place.

I know I have one bad thing coming up later today, but hopefully, that’ll be it and I’ll have a net positive week in weight loss. ^_^;

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