2014 Weight Loss, Week 1

It is time for my 2014 weight loss, week 1 report. Last week I was at 324.0 pounds. This week, the scales gave me a surprising bit of good news as I weighed in at 322.8 pounds. While that’s only a 1.2 pound loss, I had been afraid that I would actually gain weight for the week.

Last Sunday, I had a failure as I didn’t follow the Carb Addicts Diet part of my weight loss scheme. As such, I ended up having a couple of large, regular meals. Monday, I decided to see what the damage was as I went into my 5:2 Diet fast day part of my weight loss scheme. The scales reported me at 327.8 that morning, but I knew that I had the rest of the week to correct things.

Tuesday morning, I weighed in again just to see the correction in my weight (for psychological reasons), and was shocked to see the scales report 329.0.  I thought the scales MUST be broken because after a 5:2 Diet fast day, I didn’t see how I could have gained another 1.2 pounds.  But, no matter how often I weight myself, the result was almost always the same. (I say “almost” because sometimes, the scales do go a bit wonky, which is why I have to weigh myself at least three times, just to make sure things are right.)

Naturally, I was bummed by this, but I knew I couldn’t let this get me derailed, as has happened in previous weight loss attempts on my part. Thus, I am glad to see the 322.8 weight today. (I weighed myself a dozen times today because I couldn’t believe it, but the scales only wavered a bit to report slightly lower weight a couple of times.)

I’m making chicken curry rice tomorrow for my Carb Addict Diet lunches on Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  I just have to make sure I don’t don’t go el nutso and try to eat a massive pile, like this (see image below). ^_~

2014 Weight Loss, Week 1Heh!heh! At Gold Curry in Japan, if you can eat this 22-pound curry rice dish in an hour, not only is it free (the meal costs ¥8000, which depending on the dollar-yen exchange rate, is usually around $80, give or take some dollars), but the restaurant will pay you ¥100,000 (~$950 to $1000). I’d love to see some of the professional eaters try to master that. I don’t see how one could eat that much rice. ^_^;

Kotaku has all of the details about Gold Curry’s curry rice challenge, including the various levels of the challenge and pics of those trying to eat the smaller sizes.

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