5:2 Diet Anew – Week 10

Another week, another weigh in for the 5:2 Diet. The scales report that I’m at 338.0, an insignificant drop of 0.2 pounds.

I have to say that I was really surprised by this lack of weigh loss. I didn’t have my normal failures that cause this, like picking up some hideous desert or the like (though I did have a couple of chocolate chip cookies at work one day and a couple of donuts another day at work, thanks to evil people bringing them in). So, I had to sit down and think about what the heck I did that thwarted me this week.

One change I made this week was that to try to save more money, I stopped going to McDonald’s to get either a Sausage Egg Biscuit or one of their Bacon Egg Cheese Biscuits. I was only buying one for breakfast, which is not too bad, though a single sandwich clocks in at 510 calories (and to be honest, I could easily eat two or even three).


When I started fixing myself breakfast at home, I just made whatever I wanted and ate it, whether it was grits and eggs, sausage-egg scramble, etc.  I probably had nearly double the amount of calories vs. the single McDonald’s breakfast sandwich as I think back on things.  It is easy to get carried away when one is home and has a pantry, fridge, and freezer full of foods.

What this means is that I’m really going to have to be conscious of what I’m doing when I make breakfast and not just throw a bunch of stuff together because it sounds good.  Even if I don’t make as much, I have to avoid thinking things like, “I’m still feeling peckish. Maybe a couple of slices of cheese will help fill the corners.”

Still, if there’s a positive to take out of the week, it is that I didn’t go and buy some pie, cake, or the like. I want to keep that up for sure.


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