5:2 Diet – Day 23

Feast days are always good days, even if India tries their best to kill it. ^_^

The scales came up with a drop, back down to 345.6.  As I always say, the real test will be Wednesday when I get up.

The team did Popeyes today, so I got some spicy chicken tenders, biscuits, and some mashed potatoes. Man, was that good. I also scored a large Cajun rice and large macaroni and cheese, but I didn’t touch them. Those I saved for this weekend, assuming I don’t put them in the freezer.

Popeyes family-meals

Our manager came by for a meeting to discuss some issues with problem tickets on one of our accounts, followed by some dribble about new processes whereby Indian slave labor gets to do whatever they want and we have to cover for them. Nice.  However, since I was famished from not having eaten in so long, I decided I wasn’t waiting and as they droned on and on, I enjoyed my food, much to the amusement of my co-workers, who noted that our manager was just about drooling on himself. Heh!heh!heh!

Tomorrows fast day, and those are always fun. However, I’m hoping that next Wednesday, I’m back at 345, but I’ll take 346 since that will be over a 2-pound drop for the week.

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