So I Have a Job

As expected, I got hired by Company 3 on Monday. It also means that I’m back at “The Company.” *lol* Yeah, 50% less pay stinks and no benefits stink too but it is a job and I’ll be bringing in more money than I did on unemployment. That also means budgeting in order to maximize savings and pay for school. Since the job I wanted at “Company 1” did not come through and I won’t accept an offer from “Company 2” (unless they match what I’m being paid as a contractor for “The Company”), I now see a career path heading before me and I know what classes to take and what certificates to get when I get back to class.

Amazingly, I’ll be seeing Taco’s Rule, Savage Piper, and the others again since I’ll be working the same shift I worked previously. The only difference is that I’ll likely be on a different row from them.

So, goal 1 is to get all the paperwork cleared to actually get started working. Goal 2 is to learn VMS (a new skill for the resume) and become my usual guru self at my new job. Then goal 3 is to start classes and get those certs. From there, I can then branch out into another, better job.

I do want to thank God for taking such great care of me throughout my life and setting things up so that during this time of unemployment, I have been provided for. Seriously, it was God who put it in my mind to get my medical bills paid off sooner rather than later. It was God who put it into my mind that I should go ahead and buy a condo (thus also scoring tax benefits). It was God who put it into my mind to start saving money, though I could have saved more had I been on a budget. God now has me on a budget and now I will keep to it in order to make the best of the situation.

I also want to thank all of you for your thoughts and prayers and words of encouragement to me during this time. I really do appreciate it. ^_^

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  1. Welcome back. As you know, “The Company” is pushing down wages everywhere except in the executive ranks. All contractors recently took huge pay cuts and our friend “Yankee” also had to change his schedule so that he would no longer get overtime. Some regular employees are being forced down in pay grades, meaning either pay cuts or at best, no pay raises for years. ‘Course you already know about the shedding of regular jobs for offshore.

    Just look at it as “a job is a job” at this point and then move from there. As we’ve discussed, your cert plan is a good course of action.

    Again, welcome back. 🙂

  2. Thanks. Yeah, I was talking to Gonza earlier today and he was telling me some stuff. Scary times and The Company knows that people are glad to have a job and will take the cuts rather than face the uncertainty of unemployment.

    Still, I’m taking this step back to get two steps forward. In the end, I win. ^_^

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