The New Nigerian Scam — Contact Us If You’ve Been Scammed!

I had to laugh out lout when I received this e-mail from one of my many accounts. So now the scam is to hopefully hit someone who has been scammed, get them to call up with questions about claim, then scam then again. Nice.

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Subject: The fraudsters that scammed you has been caught and some of your money recovered.
From: “Honorable Justice Umaru Abdullahi”>
Date: Thu, January 22, 2009 4:25 am
Cc: recipient list not shown:;
Priority: Normal

Dear fraud victim,

This is to inform you that four of the fraud syndicate that defrauded you has been caught although two escaped . These men used fake identities and documents to scam innocent victims. They confessed that they use tricks of Contract, Inheritance, Lottery and all other manner of payment tricks to lure and defraud their victims. They were caught in attempt to defraud one British. They pleaded for a lower jail term and the court agreed to grant them lower jail terms if only they would confess their victims so that the court could pay their victims reparations from the loot recovered from them because the court recovered expensive cars, houses and huge amounts in their accounts. The court has sold the properties confiscated from these syndicate to realize more money for reparation payment to their victims. The four are currently serving eight years jail term each. I am contacting you based on the confessional statement of the fraudsters that you were among their victims so if you have lost money to fraudsters in the past, do let me know how much you lost so that we can work out how much reparation you will receive.

Please do not be deceived by the bogus claims of money in Nigeria or any other place in Africa because Africa is a very poor continent with greater percentage of its population very poor. Most spam emails you receive from around the world has been established to emanate from Africans living in foreign countries. Please spread this news to your friends and relative that there is no such bogus money in Africa as claimed be scammers so that they won‘t fall victim especially in this time of economic recession.

Finally, it is a criminal offence to claim more than what you lost. If you have forgotten exactly how much you lost, to these fraudsters, you have to approximate your lost such that it won’t be in excess of USD 2,000. If you are not the person they defrauded please disregard this mail as it was sent to you based on confessional statement and information provided by these fraudsters. I am aware that the two escaped fraudsters will still be communicating you. Please if you receive any mail from them, don’t reply from henceforth. If you need further clarifications, call me directly on +2348074037620 or email ( for clarifications.

Yours faithfully,
Honorable Justice Umaru Abdullahi
(President, Court of Appeal Nigeria & Chairman, Crusader for a better Africa)

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