Fun Times w/ Gastritis

Last night, I ended up going to the ER as a precaution. My stomach has been acting up for months and sometimes it causes chest discomfort and pain that goes down the left arm, almost as if one were having a heart attack. However, last night, the pains were shooting up the left side of my neck and into my jaw and that caused some concern. Afterward, I puked and thought, “you know, I better have this checked out even though it is going to cost me a fortune.”

So, a trip to the ER and five hours later, no heart problems or major organ problems that could be detected (and they did a lot of tests). The doctor determined that I have Gastritis and combined with the strained muscle in my left shoulder blade, this gave me all the symptoms of the problem I had. With as primitive as our medical technology still is, her diagnosis is still a best guess, but baring some other things happening, we’ll just take it that this is in fact what I have — Gastritis.

A couple of things were revealed to me while in the ER. First, I miss my TV. I haven’t had satellite for some time now and getting to watch some documentaries on Discovery Channel made me really long to get my service restored. But I can’t do that, more so since this ER bill is likely to be outrageously expensive.

Second, I guess I’m really missing human contact. When I had my job, I talked a lot with my co-workers. We were a tight team and though we didn’t agree on things like politics or religion, it didn’t matter. Savage Piper, Taco’s Rule, Red Baron, Lepidus, and the others were people I enjoyed talking to. I miss the laughs we shared as well as the shared frustrations when annoying people like “Busy” would cause us more problems than the initial problem being reported.

So, I’ve decided that even though it is an extra cost, I will start going to church on Sunday’s. Traveling to Greeley may seem a bit much, but the church I’d attend there is one that I believe preaches the Gospel so it is worth the travel in that regard. Either way, I don’t think that wanting to be with other children of God is a bad thing at all.

Hopefully, I can hook up with my former comrades this month, assuming everyone’s schedule can be cleared.

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