Three Months…Maybe Not

Today marks the 3-month point to when my ETE term expires. Hopefully, I can have three more months to save money so that if I don’t get one of these other two jobs in the Company come January (when hiring should begin again), I have plenty of money to survive for a while without a job. However, I don’t expect to go another three months. I expect to be laid off the week of Thanksgiving.

It is sad to see how many accounts are just leaving the Company. Those that aren’t leaving, the Company is desperate to send to India or Brazil, even when it is illegal to do so (for which they got nailed, though it is a “simple mistake” officially). The accounts that were supposed come to replace our losses now won’t be here until January at the earliest. Thus, my manager has to get rid of a lot of people. With only three months left on my ETE, I figure I’m one of the perfect choices to be let go.

But I’m not alone here. More and more people are going to be let go before Christmas in other departments. Eventually, the “showcase” and “mission critial” command center will have almost no one in here. In 2002, this room would have been full as would the other two major command centers in our building and two small command centers. A/o December 1, only one major command center will remain, and it will be all but empty. Management claims that “something” will be in here. We figure they’ll put manikins in here, or hire day laborers to pretend to be working on something. ^_~

If I’m let go after next week, I’ll start looking seriously at where I want to go from here. If I’m let go in three months, I will hopefully have some clue as to what I want to do. If I’m picked in the meantime, sobeit. No matter what, I have to remember to look to the Lord and not to myself. ^_^

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