And So Another Chapter Ends

As expected, I am now officially unemployed. It happened about an hour ago when my boss came in to do the official stuff. Even earlier tonight when I told Savage Piper that I wouldn’t be in come Wednesday night (I expected to be called on my day off to come in and be let go), he didn’t think it would come down to that. As such, we made a little bet. He lost (and I wants my TokyoJoe’s ^_~ ). So now comes an end to this chapter in my life.

I look back over the six years and while The Company has to be one of the poorest run corporations in the world (which is saying something, considering I worked for WorldCom once upon a time), I will say that once I became an ETE, I was paid what I was worth. While that won’t stop me from needing to vent from time to time, it does mean that I always go above and beyond the call of duty when needed. No matter what I do, I always do the job I’m paid for, but one can always go an extra mile when one is paid well for what one does. For the last ~3.4 years, I have to say I’ve been paid well.

I’ll miss all my co-workers, especially my final crew — Taco’s Rule, Savage Piper, and Red Baron. There’s always a good chance of seeing them here or there and a better one of “seeing” them online. It would be nice to catch the next Starfest with Lepidus too (who went to the sunny side), but we’ll see how things go. ^_^;

To my fellow comrades who got cut (The King, Billie, Race Car, KC, and anyone else let go tomorrow or the following days), I wish you guys the best in your job searches. The word “change” was overused during the political campain which makes our current “change” in situation reveal that the word has as many negative posibilities as positive ones. However, all we can do (as my old boss Jimmy used to tell me) is take our bag of lemons and make lemonade.

To everyone else still at The Company who might read this, good luck to you as well. Feel free to write at any time.

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  1. Going to realy miss working with you. It has been a pleasure to work with you for almost 3 years. I have to touch base with you as I realize that I have a couple of your manga books still. God Bless you man!


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