Sheeze, I’m Glad It’s Over

I am glad the election is finally over. Sadly, in a very short time, the politicians will begin campaigns for the 2010 election because frankly, it has just about become a case where all they do is work to stay in power and that disgusts me.

Still, for a little while, no more phone calls telling me how firefighters, police, and teachers will be silenced if certain amendments pass (amendments, which frankly actually help people who don’t wish to have anything to do with a union but are forced to by union thug rules and laws), no more calls telling me to vote for this or vote against that, period. Sweet, sweet, relief.

I am amazed by my state though. People who’ve lived in Colorado for years (this includes a lot of liberals and Democrats) complain bitterly about how Californians are wrecking our state. Immigrant Californians come to Colorado to flee the absolute mess of higher taxes and everything else that goes on over there. These two groups then come together and begin electing the same kinds of leaders and passing the same kinds of ballot initiatives that caused the mess in California that they both complain about in the first place. What the smeg is up with that kind of thinking?

Anyway, I figure that our country is in for another Jimmy Carter time, and that’s not good. We’ll see what happens though.

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