Yellow Submarine

Back when I was a kid, any cartoon was a good thing so when a cartoon featuring Beatles’ songs was scheduled to be on prime time in the mid-70’s, there was a good chance I’d get to watch it since my parents liked Beatles music. I remember only a few of things from the time I watched it in the 70’s. The first is that the art was weird and there were troops who dropped big green apples on folks. The second was the song, “Yellow Submarine.” The third was a scene under the sea where some boxing fish is smoking a cigar, it explodes, and the boxing bag laughs at the fish, causing the fish to beat the crap out of the boxing bag. I laughed so hard as a kid, I literally fell out of my little rocker and I couldn’t stop laughing during the commercial break. My parents were amused that I had found this so funny.

Fast forward to the present day. Savage Piper, for whatever whack-job reason, sent me a link to the Yellow Submarine movie. I immediately recalled the punching bag scene and that’s all I was interested in seeing. Fortunately, I did find said scene on YouTube where I discovered it wasn’t a boxing fish, but some sort of underwater monster that was boxing. Well, the years will do that to one’s memory. ^_^;

Thanks to gainsbourg66 for posting said clip. ^_^

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