"Oh yes, there is DSL in your area."

I’ve had the worst luck with setting up thing for my condo, as I’ve mentioned before. A month ago, I set up the order to move my phone and Internet service from my apartment to the condo. I asked the person at Qwest to verify that DSL service was available at my condo and was assured that DSL service was available. So while the move of telephone service went off without a hitch, the DSL order was mysteriously dropped. Qwest apologized and had it set up again, assuring me that there is DSL in my area. Then the order is dropped again and re-established for today. The Qwest guy assured me that DLS is in the area and that the others had just made mistakes.

I mentioned this to my neighbors, who were surprised to learn about DSL being in the area. They’d checked into the possibility a year before and it wasn’t out here. I got a bad feeling in my stomach.

When I got up this afternoon, there still was no DSL service and the promised software package still had not arrived. Using my secondary computer (which has a pretty good wireless antenna, thus I was able to get a crappy connection on a distant, unsecured wireless connection), I was able to see an e-mail from Qwest saying my most recent order is canceled. So I call Qwest and after five minutes, the girl gets back with me to tell me that there is no DSL service in my area. Nice.


So, I call up Comcast, who give me a bunch of nonsense but after being transfered to a fourth person (who was in customer service), I think I’ll have high-speed Internet by Sunday. We’ll see though. Meanwhile, my kind neighbors have given me access to their wireless router, so I can at least check e-mail, make this blog entry, and surf a bit. ^_^; Thanks K and L!

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  1. My parents once had a bad experience with Qwest. It does bad service, since it snuck up on us without our consent. Strange…but anyways…

    Cool neighbors.

  2. Yeah, the neighbors are cool. ^_^

    As for the customer service, DirecTV, Qwest, and Comcast get some bad marks there, not because the people weren’t friendly, but because things got dropped all over the place.

  3. When my son moved to Oregon, it took several days to get Qwest to get his phone and DSL set up (he chose Qwest because they refused to cooperate with warrantless internet disclosures, not for service). He was able to get online because of an unsecured Linksys wireless router nearby. When he got service, he hunted down the owner of the router and gave him some advice about internet security.

    He told me the old CS major joke: “What do you call the nationwide open wireless network? Linksys.”

  4. I hate it when customer service doesn’t know what they are talking about which seems to be most of the time.

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