Operation AstroNerdBoy Buys a House 10

This will be my final “Buys a House” entry because after tomorrow, I’ll own a house. ^_^

So, what’s been happening? Tuesday, I decided on which dishwasher to purchase. The one in my condo is pretty cheap and I wanted something nice. I narrowed the choices down the a Kenmore 4-cycle model that was on sale for $399 and a similar model from Whirlpool, also on sale for $399. I went with the Whirlpool because the “basket” that holds forks, knives, spoons and stuff is in the door rather than taking bottom tray space. In the end, another $50 got knocked off at the register, but then since there are charges to take out the old dishwasher and install the new one (I could do it myself, but I’m opting for speed over costs here since it would take me a lot longer to install it myself, having never done so before). That should get delivered Monday.

Wednesday, Mr. Ra called me just before I went to bed that morning to express some concerns about what the status of the HUD statement is from the lender. So, I end up calling the bank and find out the title company is dragging their heels to get the final corrections on the HUD document complete. Nice. The bank promised to put some more pressure on the title company, which I relayed to Mr. Ra. I also made sure the bank would wire my closing costs (or rather the remainder of said costs since the $1500 I paid in earnest money were applied to the closing costs) to the title company’s escrow account. By the time all was said and done, it was noon and so I only managed 4-hours of sleep.

Today (Thursday), I had to do a final walk-through of the place. Looking at what will soon be my place, I immediately thought of how I immediately need to schedule a cleaning crew to come through and give it a good once over. Its not that the place is trashed, but it is a little dirty and the windows are just terrible. While I could clean this myself, I’m again opting for time over costs. I also need to schedule Zerorez to come by to give the air ducts a good cleaning. They’ve apparently never been cleaned as there was residue from when the condo was built. The carpets are pretty new, so I don’t know that I’d have them touch those.

Anyway, but the time I did everything today, it was again noon and only 4.5 hours of sleep. So I’m pretty tired at the moment. I have my close tomorrow morning so it’s going to be another long one tomorrow night, though my boss is allowing me to come in late. Yay!

I’ll post on the close as part of the “Owns a House” series. ^_^

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  1. Time is precious. Time can be expensive, and time for sleep is necessary.

    A time for new things.

    I gather that it must be a very exciting time. ^^

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