AstroNerdBoy: Home Owner 01

Well, ’tis done. I now own my own place for the first time in my life (not counting the mobile home I owned oh so many moons ago, which isn’t seen as a real home by the lenders and everyone else). I met Mr. Ra at 10:00 on Friday, extremely tired from a serious lack of sleep, but happy. He had a flowering plant as a house warming gift, which was cool (though it didn’t come with a plastic tab so I’ve had clue what it was but have recently learned that it is a tulip). We entered the seller’s real estate office and made our way to the conference room. I met Mr. Seller, who was a 58-year old man. What surprised me was that he didn’t live in the home, but had purchased it for his son, who was going to college. I look forward to being that rich, y’all. ^_~

We sat down with two others from the seller’s agency and started the task of signing documents, documents, and more documents. This went on for a little while, with the occasional small talk here and there when the lady running the show asked for the certified funds to cover closing costs. Mr. Seller handed over the certified bank check and I said that my bank should have wired the funds over.

“Oh,” she said, “I was unaware of that.” She then had someone check, and the title company comes back and says that no funds have been wired today.

Nice. I was not happy as I’d been assured by my bank that this would be taken care of. The lady said not to worry and so we pressed on with all the signings. It took an hour to sign everything, at which point I inquired about the status of those funds. So, the lady took off. Ten minutes or so later, she returned with news. The funds had been wired and so all was well. I asked what the problem had been. Apparently, the title company only looked for transfers on the current day and didn’t bother to check for funds wired the day before. Nice.

Everything done, I thanked Mr. Ra for his work and then decided to visit my condo…MY condo. I had pulled my old, HQ microwave from my parents home (whom I’d lent it to until they got one of those cool hood microwaves) since my condo only has a standard hood over the stove and dropped it off at the condo. I decided to walk around the place for a few minutes, taking in things because this was all mine. I’m not sure why, but I peeked into the refrigerator and discovered a problem that hadn’t been there during the inspection — water leaking from the freezer into the fridge below.

Nice. Since I was planning on scoring a new fridge anyway, I decided I’ll get one before I move in.

Returning home, I made calls to get electricity and gas activated immediately at the condo. I scheduled cutover service for the phone, DSL, and satellite. Sears called me about the dishwasher I ordered, and I scheduled a delivery for that. It was then that I discovered, to my horror, that the paperwork I took out of Sears when I purchased the dishwasher was no where to be found. I have no idea what became of it. ^_^;;;

Monday, “Disney” is coming by to purchase the washer and dryer that came with the condo since I’m keeping the ones I currently have. I’ll be picking up a new door knob and deadbolt to get that changed. I’ll also order that fridge, since the one I want is coming in at one store for $1000, anywhere from $200 to $500 cheaper than anywhere else.

As those of you who’ve made a first home purchase before, its an exciting time for me. However, considering how busy this week has been, I’m seriously looking forward to some major sleep.

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