Operation AstroNerdBoy Buys a House 08

Another long day in the can. It snowed a couple of inches last night, so I was delayed in getting out on the road. No point fighting with people going to work on slick roads. Still, I made it to the LookingSprings by 11:30 (about 2-hours). I had expected the El Paso County Records office to have no parking in front of its building since the building is downtown. As such, I parked a few blocks away at the first place I found. However, when I walked down to the Records building, there was plenty of empty metered spaces. *lol*

Since it was so “quiet” at the Records department, I was able to get right to the archives section. Since I already had the book and page numbers for my DD-214, the lady just went to a small-drawer file cabinet, pulled out a small box, extracted a microfiche, and was off to the computerized microfiche reader. A few minutes later, she had copies of my DD-214 (the Member 1 and Member 4 copy) and notarized them. I remember back in 1992 when I filed these, it took forever to get copies out of the archive. Clearly, technology has advanced. ^_~

A trip over to the bank had me meet up with my loan officer and the assistant working on my loan. I did all the paperwork they required before heading to Wal Mart, purchasing a Shamrock for my sick mother, paying her a visit, and returning home. I timed the trip from my job to my future residence. It will take roughly 15-minutes for me to get home vs. the current 6 to 7-minutes it currently takes. That’s fine. Having my own place is worth it. ^_^

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  1. I, for one, want it to snow just enough for some snow days. ^_~

    It’s also worth it to be satisfied with the place itself.

  2. *lol* Last year we had all the snow you could want for snow days. This year, everyone else in the country where it snows is getting it (our mountains are getting a lot of snow, but we aren’t). Then again, scientist now say that it cooled off so much last year as to wipe out 100 years of global warming. ^_^

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