Operation AstroNerdBoy Buys a House 07

OK, here’s the latest. The contract was accepted, thus beginning the next phase of the house purchasing process. That has meant quite a bit of paperwork to be e-mailed to me, signed, and faxed back to various parties.

Today, I had the inspection by the man Mr. Ra recommended — Bob. I met Bob at 08:30 this morning (Monday) and we started going over stuff. I got to tell you, Bob, who’s age is unknown to me, but I’d say he’s in his 50’s, knew his stuff. I don’t care what question I answered, Bob had answers and I was amazed. Outside, Bob found some issues (and I may post some pictures down the road when I have a bit more time) where the patio had settled, thus the privacy wall was pulling away from the building. Further, the front stoop was doing the same thing. He showed me signs where the HOA (Home Owners Association) had “mud jacked” the slab, but clearly this had not solved the problem. Clearly, it is something the HOA knows about, but doesn’t want to really fix, which according to Bob would be to just take out the concrete and pour a new slab. They wanted to go cheap apparently and by now, will likely have spent as much doing this nickel-and-dime crap as they would have just fixing it right from the start.

Inside there weren’t any real issues. The kitchen sink has a leak, which isn’t good. While he was explaining some things to me and Mr. Ra in the basement, we heard a loud crash upstairs, and so returned to the first floor to find a light fixture glob over the kitchen sink had fallen off. Nice. The air ducts were pretty filthy, so I’m likely going to have those professionally cleaned before I move in. The dishwasher is as cheap as they come, but it works (how well is to be determined) so that’s on my list of early replacements. However, installing an over-the-stove microwave comes first.

Bob thought the place was pretty nice and all that’s left is to wait the results of the radon test, which will come in Wednesday morning. The place will still get another inspection, this time from the VA so we’ll see how that goes.

Speaking of the VA, I have to drive to Colorado Springs now to get a copy of my DD-214 out of archive since I couldn’t find my last spare copy. Then I’ll head over to my bank to sign a ton of papers that they apparently cannot e-mail to me, while handing them a copy of my DD-214. Then hopefully in 2-3-weeks, I’ll have my loan squared away with the VA. Whew. Lord willing, that will all go well.

While I hate moving, I love my new place and am eager to get moved in, assuming everything goes according to plan.

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  1. My own experience with mudjacking is that it’s generally a band-aid over a problem that will eventually reoccur.

    Unless, of course, you have them put steel piers in first. THAT part of our house is fine. 🙂

    Sorry I didn’t respond sooner, but if you browse my LJ you’ll see I’ve been a bit distracted this week… 🙂


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