Operation AstroNerdBoy Buys a House 06

Well, Mr. Ra put in the offer, we got the counter-offer back, and I’ve accepted it. Now we are simply waiting on the owner to send in the signed contracts as I’ve given Mr. Ra the $1500 in earnest money.

Which takes me to my next point — fees. Sheeze, there’s a right racket when it comes to fees and home purchases. $300 here, $200 there, $150 over yonder. I figure by the time all is said and done, I’ll have $6000 in fees (with $2500 of that coming from breaking my lease). Man, that’s just nuts.

Reader Comments

  1. I’ve been in Astronerdboy’s new town home, puking in his toilet for the last 12 hours. Nope, I didn’t flush either.

  2. And you managed to hit all three bathrooms at once. And here I was blaming Danny-boy, who was crushed to learn I bought the townhome his girl really loved. He told me that they “chilled in the place for an hour” and I’m thinking, “GET THE SMEG OUT OF MY HOUSE YOU CRACK HEAD!” *lol*

    Well, I can always have the house decontaminated, but at the same time, when I learned I scored the place over him, I was doing the cha-cha for sure. ^_^

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