Operation AstroNerdBoy Buys a House 05

Things are moving ahead pretty quickly. Mr. Ra asked me if I’d be interested in re-looking at my favorite places still on the market before my next weekend. While I was not enthused about having to do a lot of stuff during the day and then have to pull a 12-hour shift at work, the fact that so many properties I’ve looked at are now under contract made me decide to suck it up.

We returned to “Dense Complex” and we returned to “Open Space” which I had images for in my previous blog entry. “Dense Complex” was a concern do to the larger numbers of people combined with more competition if I want to put the place on the market myself at some point. However, both Mr. Ra’s and my concerns about that were alleviated. The building is at one end of the complex and there’s not the crowding issue there. Plus, the other side of the building is such that it won’t be developed with its wetlands.

Inside, I saw what I’d seen before, only now I saw this 1790 square feet place with one word constantly showing up — functionality. There’s no issue with my entertainment center in the living room. The dining room in nice and spacey. The kitchen is pretty large, and certainly would easily allow me to prepare complex dishes whereas other places I’ve looked at (and even my current apartment) has only a tiny kitchen. The only negatives with the kitchen are easily remedied, namely an entire kitchen appliance package. Since the building was constructed in 2000, the appliances aren’t that old, but they are rather cheap. Plus, I want a microwave over the stove.

The basement layout, while unfinished, allow for more options in my opinion, so that was a plus.

The upstairs had a large master bedroom and the 2nd bedroom is nice sized, which would be my office. The fact that there are two full baths upstairs and a half-bath on the 1st floor was a plus, not that I needed 2.5 baths, but in a resale, that’s a plus. And it had a garage.

I was pretty sure that this was the place I wanted, and considering it is $5000 cheaper than “Open Space,” that is also a plus.

Still, going to “Open Space” was what kicked it for me as I thought that “Open Space” was a clear example of style over substance. It looks great but when it comes to being a functional place to live, it failed.

So I told Mr. Ra that in light of so many places under $150K being snapped up, that I wanted to put in a bid. So he’s just sent me the contract and I’ll get that signed and sent back to him to have (along with a scan of the check for my earnest money) for him to have in the morning to present to the agent of the seller. We’ll see what happens as we put in a lower bid than the asking price and expect to get something in the middle or a bit more.

Needless to say, I’m nervous and yet excited. In fact, despite having little sleep, I’m riding on an emotional high at the moment and am wide awake. I imagine the crash will be big in the morning though. *lol*

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  1. I do too. I just found out that a guy who works on the day shift had been looking at the place as well, and he and his girl REALLY liked it. So I’m glad I put in my bid when I did.

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