Selfish Git

I live in an apartment complex and I’ve lived in one sort of complex or the other ever since I got out of the Air Force. All of the complexes I lived in had parking garages, which could be rented for a fee (sometimes reasonable, sometimes outrageous). While every place I’ve lived has had parking problems at one time or other (especially when someone decided to throw a party), my current residence is the worst. The complex designers apparently felt that parking was for losers who only want to destroy the planet, so they only placed the bare minimum required by code. They also tossed in a few garages here and there.

The building I live in is the worst when it comes to parking. There are only 8 parking spaces for 8 2-bedroom apartments, to say nothing of the units across the street who have no parking at all in front of their units, so they park on our side. We do have 7 garages and after a year of being frustrated out of my mind at the lack of parking (often, I’d have to park clear across the complex due to my work schedule), I decided $50/month for a garage wasn’t a bad thing.

With that, I thought my parking woes were over. No more stress at not getting a parking place, right? After all, I’m renting a garage. Well this morning, I learned otherwise. Some smeg head from Louisiana drove up in their gigantor Dodge truck and because there was no parking, they decided to block the entrances of three garages, mine being one of them (actually six because the people who have cars in the garages across from ours will be hard pressed to be able to maneuver enough to get in or out).

Seriously, what do bastards like this think?

“Duh, ders no parking where i staying so i park here in garages area. It ok cause no one need garages at night. I got big truck. Truck rules.”

Sadly, I could find no number for a towing company that’s contracted to our complex. I’m going to find out if there is one and it will be added to my cell phone list o’ numbers.

Anyway, maybe it was because God had my parents teach me to respect others and not be a complete and total ass by blocking people’s garages just so I can have a place to park. No, I would have parked on the other side of the complex and walked back, but I guess that’s too much for a lazy git like Big Truck.

I left the bastard a note. No, I wasn’t ugly, but Lord knows I wanted to be (and I was ugly in the nasty things that I was saying in my head). I didn’t even key the bastard’s car, though I wanted to key the messages, “Hey everybody! I’m a complete and total smeg head!” If I wasn’t in desperate need of sleep now, I’d take the camera down and photo the bastard’s truck and post it for the world to see.

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