Here Comes Tron

The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that a sequel to Tron is well on its way with the signing of director Joseph Kosinski in final negotiations. Apparently, original writer and director Steven Lisberger is also involved.

I didn’t see Tron when it came out in the theater. Instead, I saw it when it came out on VHS at my friend’s house one night when my parents were invited down for dinner and a movie by my friends parents. Those were always fun times for yours truly and I was looking forward to seeing Tron after hearing so much about it.

When the movie was over, my friend Darren made a remark on how confusing the movie was to him. I had no trouble understanding that this was about a guy who’d been sucked into a mainframe computer run by an artificial intelligent operating system. It was then that I knew that Darren wouldn’t have a job in the computer field even though he and I had talked about creating our own game.

Over the years, the movie has remained a favorite of mine despite the fact that arcade game rooms aren’t very common these days, mainframes are still here, but not very common any more, and we still are no where near having an artificial intelligence operating system.

All this said, the movie stands alone. Do we really need a sequel some 15-years later (more considering that it will likely be two years before it gets into theaters)? I ask this, and think to myself, “I might just check it out depending on what I hear and see.” ^_^;

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