The "Vacation" is Over

Took last week off from work because I sorely felt the need to get away, especially since we are about to lose another co-worker (going to what he hopes are greener pastures) and I don’t think they are going to hire a replacement. (What happens when there’s no one left to do the work and no one to train the people in India and Brazil?) I call it “vacation,” but my current status in The Company just calls it paid time off. That’s so when they decide to give me the boot, they don’t have to pay me for unused vacation days.

Anyway, the week was pretty good I have to say despite several unexpected pitfalls. I didn’t count on getting a massive sinus infection that had me down for a couple of days. That lead to a doctor’s visit to see my ENT doctor. Sadly, due to scheduling, I could only get an appointment at his Parker office, a 65-mile journey (and I took the bloody toll way because otherwise, it would have taken an hour and a half to get there). I didn’t count on the expensive day at the car shop where I was without transportation for an entire day.

On the other hand, I did get some anime watching done for my anime blog, which is something I really hadn’t been doing lately. I finally got around to unpacking the rest of my books and getting them on my cheap bookshelves in my office (they’d only been sitting there for 2-weeks). I got some stuff sorted to take to the used book store, the Goodwill, and some stuff to possibly sell on eBay. And I started my new Japanese class (which will start killing me as of this week).

Ultimately, I got to just relax, which was very, very nice. But tomorrow night sees me back to the old grind.

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