Tomorrow’s Starfest 2007

Well, I’ll be making my return trip to Starfest tomorrow with my friend and co-worker Marc. KC bailed on us this year…the git. (j/k) We had a blast last year despite being wasted from lack of sleep. We’d talked about doing an entire weekend, but Starfest kept not bringing out guests that we were interested in seeing. I never saw Buck Rogers in the 25th Century so seeing Gil Gerard or Erin Gray wasn’t doing it for me. But they finally announced they had Leonard Nimoy for Saturday, which was enough to get us to go for Saturday. While there will be some speakers Sunday, neither of us really had a desire to spend two days there.

So, I have my shiny, new digital SLR camera to take some pictures with (last year, I had to rely totally on Marc’s photo skillz). So I’ll be playing with that and posting some photos. Since I’m 100% armature, I’m going to try to get Marc to allow me to use some additional photos since I know he’s going to be doing stage work. And unlike last year, I’ll try to blog about it right away (easier to do with Blogspot). Had we done an entire weekend, I would have brought my laptop as well, but as it is, I’m not going to bother (so no instant updates).

Of course the greatest thing about this weekend is not having to go to work tonight or tomorrow night. Saturday nights are “change nights” and are usually a lot of work, work, work. Good luck Tim-H, Tim-P, Harold, and Fred! BWAH!HA!HA!HA!HA!

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