We Still Have a Rain Forest?

So, on the forced CNN viewing at work (because apparently, anything other than CNN on the Command Center monitors will cause my company’s stock to plunge) I see them take a break from the Anna Nichole Smith coverage to do a shocking “Planet in Peril” report — the rain forest is disappearing.

WHOA! We still have a rain forest? That’s news to me.

I remember as a kid back in 1980 being told that by 2000, there’d be no rain forest. It was all doom and gloom and humans were just destroying the planet. With the rain forest gone by 2000, the damage to the planet would be unimaginable.

So, here it is 2007 and the rain forest is still there. Not only is it still here, but it is mostly still here. What the smeg happened?

Ah, but leave it to Mr. Cooper who has decided it is time to sound the alarm and hit the panic button over the destruction of the rain forest. I can’t tell if he gave a time frame or not on when it would be gone, but since all of the record snows and cold this winter have killed the global warming stories (and ironically, the cold and ice caused a government global warming hearing to be postponed), we need to keep showing how the planet is being destroyed.

I guess God isn’t in control of things, is he Chicken Little?

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