An Update on Things

I may no longer be sick, but I haven’t been able to quite shake this cough. At least it hasn’t gone down into my lungs, where it would be worse. Still, I’ve spent a lot of time actually sleeping over my weekend (I return to work on Wednesday), which I’ve sorely needed. I haven’t slept this much in many, many months. So it has been nice, even if I’m not being as productive as I should be. BUT, tomorrow I’m back in the exercise class, since I skipped out last Monday as well. That’s going to be fun. ^_^;;;

In other news, the weather forecasters teased us again and of course got things completely wrong. I don’t remember which day it was, but just before the last system came through, we were supposed to get up into the 60’s. Instead, we got up to around 50. Further, that night we were under a winter weather advisory as the 2-3 inches of snow we were supposed to get were going to be blown around a lot. We didn’t get a flake and the wind wasn’t nearly as bad as they said either. Just goes to show you (again) how predicting the weather and its impact is still a great deal of guessing (no offense to those who do the weather).

Sometimes, I wonder if God tweaks things just to make the wise foolish. I’d love it if God would make the global temperatures unexpectedly drop by a significant amount just to tweak the sky-is-falling crowd.

Speaking of snow, since we’ve had no additional snowfalls of any significance here (they have south and east of my location), most of the snow is gone. There are still big patches in shaded areas but those are shrinking. The mountains of snow in parking lots are now just mounds and soon will be completely gone. The weather predicts a bit of snow Wednesday and Wednesday night but I doubt we see anything.

Still, as spring approaches, the weather systems will shift again and we’ll start seeing upslope conditions which will mean more snow, but amounts that will disappear in a day or so.

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