Bitter Cold Global Warming!

So I’m at working in the “fish bowl” command center with the giant monitor on the wall right in front of me having CNN on (because apparently, only CNN is safe to be seen by us or our customers who tour the facility). What are the smeggers going on about? The bitter cold that’s hitting parts of the nation.

I looked at the calendar; its January 26, the middle of winter. Isn’t it supposed to be cold in the winter?

I then thought back to a couple of weeks ago or so. These same smeg heads were going on about the warm winter, melting ice caps, polar bears going on an endangered list because of melting ice caps (this despite the fact that the bear population appears to be growing), etc. So, you get your snow a little later than normal and its going to be cold and your complaining about it? Get real!

This winter, we in Colorado have been hammered with six snow events (two of them monstrous), bitter cold, and we got more coming Saturday. Last winter, we didn’t get so much stuff. You don’t hear people talking about global warming in Colorado this year other than to joke about it.

I tell ya, it annoys me when fools complain about how dry it is, then when it rains complain about that. Ditto folks who complain about the warm winter and how global warming is killing us, then when God sends down some artic air, they complain about that. Sheeze! Make up your minds, would ya?

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