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2014 Weight Loss, Week 24

It is another busy week, but I needed to make a quick update. I again clocked in at 327.6 pounds, which isn’t good. Had it not been for the 5:2 Diet element, I would have gained weight for sure.

Sunday, I had some slippage as I ended up pigging out with a massive breakfast meal for my carb meal under the Carb Additcs Diet plan. For some reason, I fancied hot buttered toast, and though I don’t have a toaster, I just fry my bread in butter to achieve the same result,  It was really good, but just way too any calories for the day, to say nothing of having some baked salmon that evening, adding to the calorie count.

I was really good again until Friday evening. When I came home, my neighbor was out with his wife and young kid grilling. As we chatted, he grabbed an ear of corn off the grill and gave it to me. I’m not a big corn fan, but once every couple of years or so, some hot buttered corn on the cob strikes my fancy.  It had been about that long.

When I got into my house, I just had to have this fresh rather than putting it into the fridge like I should have done. After shucking the corn and melting some butter, a couple of tasty bites in, I had to have something to go with this. I had a package of Hormel Pork Roast Au Jus, meaning in four minutes, I’d have a meat item.

Hormel Pork Roast Au Jus

However, butter and corn with roast pork made me crave rice, so out came a package of Japanese microwave rice, which then turned into two packages of rice. *_*  And then I decided to have a cheese sandwich for some odd reason. *_*

Japanese microwave Rice

Friday, despite the temptation of donuts, I stuck to my 5:2 Diet plan and saved the donuts given to me for Saturday after I’d weighed in. So not a good way to start the new week.


2014 Weight Loss, Week 23

A combination of being busy and being bummed out over my lack of weight loss kept me from making an update last week. I had jumped up to 334 pounds, though that probably wasn’t totally accurate. After all, that Friday, I had bought Dunkin’ Donuts for the team (after all the free donuts I’ve consumed from others, I felt I should return the favor) and I’d eaten a ton of them.

Regardless, the week left me frustrated, and after some prayer, I realized that I had no choice but to bring back the 5:2 Diet aspect to my life. I really didn’t want to do it since I don’t like feeling hungry (and I obviously feel hungry on days were I’m only consuming 600 calories for the entire day), and work stress is when I tend to eat more, but I had to do it to get back on the wagon and in the groove.

So, for week 23, I weighed in at 327.6 pounds. Yes, there’s a huge drop from last week, but as I said, I don’t think last week’s numbers were totally accurate after a day of gorging out on high calorie foods.

The question remains, what will next week be like?  Doing the combination of the 5:2 Diet and the Carb Addicts Diet again, I’m hoping to see positive results.

Garfield eating

2014 Weight Loss, Week 21

Week 20, which I was too busy to write about, was an OK week as I clocked in at 326.2 pounds. Week 21 was not good at all, as I weighed in at 328.0.

I know I had one bad day where I violated the Carb Addicts diet rules, but I think the problem lies in the fact that I’m still stress eating. The special project for Company C continues, and though we’ve had success, the executives there are demanding pedal to the metal speeds despite none of us knowing Control-M that well, and the developers NOT developing their code for Control-M, which causes additional problems for us.

But hey, “I’m a big time executive with an MBA. Whatever I don’t understand can’t be difficult, and whatever’s not difficult must be easy, and whatever’s easy can be done in no time.

Regardless, I’ve got to stop letting this stupidity I have to deal with result in me doing what Shin-chan is doing below.


2014 Weight Loss, Week 19

Week 18, which I couldn’t be bothered about, was a disaster even greater than what I had feared as I not only completely failed on trying to lose weight, but the results of that were even more disastrous as I weighed in at 333.2 pounds. The shock of that actually spurred me to really try to make the effort to reverse that. Thankfully, I did that and weighed in this morning at 327.6, which is slightly less than what I weighed in at for week 17.

Regardless, there won’t be any celebrations until I get back below 315, which was my low weight point before I took my trip to New Jersey. I’m still going to have to be careful of the free food, which has been flowing quite freely of late, as well as dealing with the stress from the project I’m on at work for Company C.


2014 Weight Loss, Week 17

I’m still running a bit behind, but I did weigh in on Saturday. I’ve finally stopped the gain as I again weighed in at 327.8 pounds. I’m mostly back on the wagon, but I’m not in the groove and it will still take time to get there.

While I still have to deal with the frustrations of the job, I also have to deal with my own bad attitude. Because I’m not in the groove, it is way to easy to think, “Bah! Who cares.  I’m going to go stuff my gourd with a massive Triple Whopper and DOUBLE the large fries!” That’s not a good thing to be thinking.

Anyway, maybe in a couple of weeks, I’ll finally be back in the groove.

Hayate the Combat Butler Cuties

2014 Weight Loss, Week 16

I’m running behind, but I did weigh in on Saturday. It wasn’t good — 327.8 pounds. I’m getting back on the wagon, but I’m not in the groove and it will take a couple of weeks to get into the groove.

I’ve still been struggling with frustration with the job and such, which I shouldn’t allow to happen, but I did anyway.

Well, here’s to getting back on the wagon and getting into the groove.

01 Tamama eats

2014 Weight Loss, Week 14

Just a quick blurb since I’m pressed for time. Due to having to work Saturday, I ended up not checking my weight for week 13, though it was a bad week with the Guru coming in to visit from NJ. I knew the news wouldn’t be good. Week 14 was not any better despite my thoughts of getting back on the wagon. Regardless, when I weighed in on Saturday, it was 326.6 pounds.

Clearly, at the moment, I’m out of control. I have the hardest time getting back on the wagon once I go off, mainly because the old Pac-man feeding frenzy switch kicks in and while I want to lose weight, there’s a part of me that rather enjoys scarfing massive amounts of food. Sad but true. *_*

Regardless, I do have to get back on the wagon and not let work stress, frustration, or the like distract me. Not an easy task this week to be sure, but it must be done.

09 Falman frustrated

2014 Weight Loss, Week 12

Well, the bad week for eating is over, so it is time to see what the damage was from my trip to Jersey City, NJ, which included a trip to Manhattan. The scales reported back a non-surprising 324.4 pounds, so I’ve got my work cut out for me.

My job required me to head out to Jersey City to learn the Control-M scheduling tool with an expert consultant at the NJ site, who’s building the infrastructure even now. Of course, this meant that eating was going to be difficult, so I had already decided that I just wasn’t going to worry about things too much. As such, I went to breakfast with Dev-san (who was with me on the trip) to various places, including a restaurant in the hotel (The Westin), which had a very expensive but tasty grilled ham and eggs meal.

For lunch, we usually just went to the mall, which is near the hotel, since they have a massive food court and the meals aren’t quite so expensive.

For dinner, we went to all kinds of places. Sunday night, we went to Komegashi, where I had my favorite Japanese dish, katsudon. (Sorry for the dark picture – the Blackberry features are still new to me).

Katsudon at Komegashi

While the food was really good, there weren’t a lot of Japanese people working it (if any since the guys at the sushi bar may have been Chinese).  Not that this is a problem, but being out east, I thought Japanese places might be more likely to be run by Japanese folks.

Monday night, we went to Manhattan for a stop at Yakitori Totto.  From the website, I expected some sort high end, hoity-toity, modern place, more in line with Komegashi, only fancier. I was shocked to discover that the place is actually very tiny and older (but very clean and nice) and though access is from the street, one has to go immediately up narrow stairs.

This is a true Japanese restaurant. The staff were all Japanese, including one half-Japanese waiter. They all speak fluent English and Japanese, so no language barriers to cross.  The tiny restaurant is so much like a place one might find in Japan, I told Dev-san that if I closed my eyes, I could be in Tokyo for all I knew. So for me, the atmosphere was great.

Since I love donburi dishes, I had to have the Tokusen Oyakodon (chicken and egg over rice).  In hindsight, this was a mistake, but not because the food was bad. It was quite good. No, the mistake was in not just going with the yakitori stuff. I tried the negima, washu beef, and bacon asparagus yakitori as well as the chicken leg yakitori. Man was that incredible, so much so that I would have wanted more had I not filled myself on a rice dish. ^_^;

Yakitori Totto - Tokusen Oyakodon-negima yakitori-beef yakitori

Again, sorry about the not so great photo. ^_^;

We didn’t just do Japanese food I could talk about the big steak I had, or the lobster mac-and-cheese I had, all of which were great. Instead, I want to talk about how I finally got to live a Red Dwarf dream when we went to Raaz, an Indian restaurant. I’ve only been to one Indian restaurant before, which was pretty good but limited. When I saw that Raaz had Chicken Vindaloo and Poppadoms, well, my meal choice was set. After all these years of hearing Lister and the others from Red Dwarf talk about vindaloos and such, I finally have tried it, and it was good, though I preferred the garlic naam over the crispy poppadoms.

Raaz Chicken Vindaloo and garlic naam

This was just a small serving. To the left is the bowl of chicken vindaloo sans rice or anything. In the upper-right corner, you can just see a plate of rice, which we all shared. And there was a whole basket full of the naam, which I really liked.

So yeah, a decadent week for eating, to be sure. However, now that I’m back home, I have to get back on the bandwagon for losing weight. ^_^;


2014 Weight Loss, Week 11

Another quick post as I have a very packed schedule today. Regardless, the report on this week’s weight is an unimpressive 316.4, which is a 0.6 pound drop from last week. I actually thought I might weigh more than that since it wasn’t a good week, what with free donuts, free breakfast sandwiches, a free Three Musketeers candy bar, and some Cadbury Eggs.  There was even a day when I violated the Carb Addicts Diet rules. Ugh. *_*

Continuing my “tasty Japanese foods” segment of late, as usual, our group made a trip to Sakura House in Denver. We got Crystal Rolls as an appetizer, but I forgot to get a picture of it apparently. I got Katsudon, and actually remembered to get a picture of it.

Sakura House Katsudon

I love Katsodon.  Next time we go, I have to try the bento lunch, which a couple of the guys got and loved.

Sakura House Bento

Next week is going to be a bad week due to everything on my very busy schedule. I’m going to try to mitigate the damage, but we’ll see how things turn out.