My Skyrim Adventures: Chapter 02

For those who missed it, here’s chapter 1.

Hadvar and my journey to Riverwood was mostly uneventful.  He grew up in these parts and showed me some different things, such as the stones that provide blessings to those in need. I chose the stone for a mage, deciding that I wanted to be the most destructive thing this world had ever seen and make dragons look like chump change.  Hey, if you are going to fantasize, may as well go for the really big ones.

Arriving in Riverwood, we stopped at his Uncle Alvor’s place, who happened to be the local blacksmith. Hadvar said I was the person who helped him get out of Helgen alive. I tried to protest, but Hadvar and Alvor would have none of it. Heck, Alvor even told me that I could have a run of his house for whatever goods I might need, within reason of course.  Realizing I wouldn’t win this and that I needed the coin, I decided to loot the house.

My looting plans were put on hold since Alvor and Hadvar wanted to talk of the dragon attack.  There was much concern about the Stormcloaks having access to a dragon and what it would mean to this small town.  Since I’d made mention earlier of heading to Whiterun later on, Alvor asked me to speak to the Jarl Balgruuf to tell him what had happened and to send for troops. I said I’d do it.

While the two of them talked, Alvor’s wife Sigrid put down all kinds of food and front of us and I ate like there was no tomorrow.  She seem pleased by how I wolfed down the food and after I ate, I decided to loot the place, leaving only the most expensive items for the family and whatever essentials they may need.  Hey, I needed the cash.

It wasn’t until Sigrid passed me and smiled at me again that I looked at the junk I was collecting and realized that Alvor was simply using me to clean out the rubbish from his home rather than have to deal with it himself.  Well, if I hadn’t been so broke, I would have dumped all that trash into their wardrobe with a note that said, “take out your own stupid trash, why don’t you?”  That would have shown them.  Instead, I took all their crap, but I did leave a small surprise in one of Alvor’s spare boots.  Heh. Take that, Alvor!

Making sure I had everything and then some, I saw Sigrid again reading a book downstairs.  She was alone and smiled at me, telling me coyly that she was already spoken for.  Well, I wasn’t asking for anything but when I saw her cross her legs again, I realized this was her way of saying, “Even though my husband is upstairs drinking and chatting, I need a man, NOW.”  I may have been doing a house clearing for Alvor, but I figured his wife fell into that “within reason” aspect and I decided to make a hasty retreat before we had a Joseph situation here.

It was late and since I didn’t want to impose on the family any further, I decided to head to the local inn for the night. Sigrid told Alvor that I really should stay, which was all I needed to insist on getting the heck out of Dodge. Fortunately, they let me go without too much more fuss and before I left, Hadvar again thanked me and told me I should join the Imperial Legion.  I told him I’d think about it and went to the inn for the night.  As I lay in bed, I couldn’t stop thinking about Sigrid.  Darn her temptress ways!

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