Why Soaking the Rich Won’t Help Pay Government’s Largess

Being a libertarian, the insane amount of money our government is spending, making what George Bush did look like chump change, just pisses me off something fierce.  I’ve heard that ultra-rich Michael Moore trying to say the country isn’t broke because apparently folks like himself have been stealing it from the poor in make themselves rich.  I’ve long believed that there’s not enough money that could be taken from the rich to pay for the current government largess but this video lays it out quite well on what it would take to pay for the current Federal expenditures for only one year.

This really helped put things into perspective on just how much our government is spending and why we can’t afford it, even if we made the evil rich “pay their fair share” and then some.

Oh, and by the way Michael Moore, when you start contributing everything you make over $250,000 to the government without getting ANYTHING in return, then I’ll take your blathering on the evil rich seriously. 

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