Man, I have to be the world’s biggest procrastinator. Here I am on my third night off and I’ve done precious little to be productive even though I’ve had the time. ^_^; I had planned to get caught up on all my anime blog stuff and maybe even the manga, but instead, I find myself playing the game Torchlight or even some silly mob game online with friends and family members.

Then when I’m not doing that, I’ve been craving various “Star Trek” stuff, which started after I received my Blu-ray for the most recent movie. So, I scored S2 and S4 of Star Trek: The Next Generation (having owned S1 and S3) for ~$35/DVD set (and a shame I didn’t score the rest since the prices went up to $50/set) and watched those. Since I had no more TNG to watch once I finished the final DVD, I went to my favorite Star Trek series, Deep Space Nine.


Oh well. Maybe I’ll be motivated more in 2010…maybe. ^_^;

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