I Won The Euro Millions Lottery — Again

We’ve all received those scam e-mails telling us we’ve won some foreign lottery or the like and even explain why we didn’t have to buy a lottery ticket as it was done based off our e-mail address, which of course was chosen at random. ^_~

I suppose that the old method of sending out a traditional text e-mail with misspelled words and the like wasn’t doing the business for the scammers that once did. I say this because tonight for some reason, I decided to look through some spam for the fun of it (normally, all such things are flushed unnoticed by me) and I saw this e-mail from Administración Informacion. Inside was a lone image, seen below (click to enlarge). ^_^


Yeah, an image of some nifty “official” letter complete with logo header is going to make me say, “WOW! This has GOT to be real!” Maybe the scammers are thinking that with the Obama economy, people will be more desperate and using the above image will get the scammers more of what they want — your money.

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  1. Yea, I’ve won over 15 overseas lotterys. Funny part is that you can’t win an overseas lottery. I also won a cigarette company sweepstakes. Wish there was a way to sue and get owed that money. If you find a way let me know 😉

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