Another "Great" Job For Me

When people are looking for work and receive e-mails about a job, do they not look at the “From” e-mail address? I suppose there must be enough who don’t because I’m amazed at all these so-called job opportunities where the sender claims to represent some big company, but are e-mailing from gmail. Granted, I some some large companies are VERY cheap but they aren’t going to use gmail to recruit people. *lol*

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Subject: Open Vacancy For You at American Express
From: “Amanda Bostler”
Date: Mon, April 6, 2009 12:18 pm
To: AstroNerdBoy
Priority: Normal

Good afternoon
We found your resume on Jobs4You web site and after reviewing your resume concluded that you could be a positive match to a few of positions available at American Express Card and Merchant Services North American Division. There are couple couple positions listed below you might be qualifying for:

– Payment processing coordinator
– Data entry specialist
– Mail distribution coordinator
– Client database builder
– Payment collection coordinator

Guaranteed base salary package for all positions starts from $3900 monthly, incluide Weekends with holidays, Medical and Dental coverage and other benefits. There is full-time and part-time positions available.

These positions are office or home based due to our new policy on remote employee
program. We are accepting entry level positions, qualified applicants must be at least 18
years old, must have fluent reading and writing skills, bilingual is a plus.

If you are interested, email back to me and i will send you detailed information about open position.

With Best Regards,
Amanda Bostler
Company Direct Employer, American Express Corporation

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