She Loves Me! I Know She Loves Me!

Heh. I haven’t seen one of these in ages. I know “she” must love me truly because “she” sent me several of these (from different mail addresses and names of course). ^_^ Ah, be still my beating heart. ^_~

Subject: I shall wait from you the letter with the big impatience!
From: “Myles Jacobs”>
Date: Sun, March 1, 2009 2:36 pm
To: AstroNerdBoy
Priority: Normal

Hello. My name is Oksana. I understand that you don’t know me, and I don’t know you, but in the future all can change probably. I ask that you have given me some minutes on perusals of my letter. I hope that
it will not make difficulty to you. Agency Acquaintances in Cheboksary gave me your e-mail address. To me explained that you very good person and you very much approach to me. I have come to Agency to find the
future husband from other country. Why from another country? Because I have been very much disappointed with Men from my country and now I search my life in abroad. I has tired to be lonely and to carry spend
all days equally. I want to love and to be happy! I asked myself a question why I can not it. And I come in this agency with such the request that they have helped me to find the person for that I will
happy. Yes certainly I have paid some money that has found the person for me. But what is it the money in comparison with love? Nothing. It is simply emptiness. Love is the most important feeling in a life,
without which our lives grey and empty. I shall not speak how many I have paid. I hope that you will understand me. I very much hope that you will be interested in me and we can continue our dialogue after that letters. And I very much hope that I shall leave in yours opinion good Impression about me. I want to tell some words about me. As I already spoke my name is Oksana. I’m 28 years. I live in Cheboksary. You can look my external qualities in my photo which I have attached in the letter. I live with my mum together and I work as doctor. I
have gone studies on this profession, in order to help people. I look like on my father because he gave your life to rescue the little girl, and he has rescued her only he lost. I shall tell you about it later. I love my professional though In Russia it is not as well appreciated as in other foreign countries. I love an active way of life but time
not suffices. In my life I dream to find the person with which I can to lead all life and I shall be happy. I dream about big and cheerful, friendly family. I don’t search ideal man. The main thing that in him there were high qualities as skill to love, to respect, to appreciate relations, to love children and is skilful to love and make the happy partner. For me the age does not matter because the love has not limit. I very much hope that you will write to me and will tell about yourself. I am already lonely very long time. I had earlier shot relations but it was failed. I very much hope that you become my unique person in my life. So let’s not lose time. I ask you that you
have answered my letter and then we can learn each other better. I hope that I have liked to you. If serious relations aren’t interesting to you or I am not pleasant to you, say me it please. Is it well?

I very much ask that you have answered to me ONLY to my personal e-mail:

I shall wait from you the letter with the big impatience!
Bye bye!
Tired from loneliness Oksana.

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