First Week on the Job

Its strange being back at “The Company” after 3.5 months away. Its almost like I never left. Being the popular guy I am, people all over come by to say “welcome back” and to chat about things. Now that I’m again a contractor, I go back to being a “bastard step child” in terms of how “The Company” views us. Right after I and the others were let go, “The Company” forced all contractors to take massive pay cuts or quit, some upwards of 30% of what they were making. Well, the job market is in “The Company’s” favor right now, so they can do that and get away with it.

Of course, “The Company” can deny that they cut wages because their cuts were to what they paid the contract companies. Therefor, the contract companies are the ones who cut the wages. Clever, eh? Not that any contractor buys that crap. They know what the deal is and they don’t blame their contract companies. Still, I think “The Company” is playing a dangerous game. Sure, the economy sucks right now (and thank you President Obama for making it worse but that’s another issue) and “The Company” can do anything and get away with it. However, eventually the economy will change and people won’t put up with this kind of treatment. Further, all it takes is someone channeling their anger in such a way that “The Company” is harmed greatly. That hasn’t happened yet, but man, I can see someone snapping and doing something ugly.

Me, I am trying to follow the advice a former boss and mentor gave me — when you are dealt lemons, make lemonade. So yeah, it does suck making 50% less than I did before (and that’s because as an employee of “The Company,” I made WAY more than contractors back then though now my pay is pretty much in line with every other contractor’s), but I’m learning something new (VMS) and I have an opportunity to score some certs. I can pay my bills, put some aside, and even splurge on a few things if I like (but not too many things). So I am thankful to the Lord for giving me a job at all. There are lots of folks still unemployed after months and months and months of searching.

As to the job itself, I’ll be quite proficient within a month. I’m sure my current manager will have me learning his A/S 400 accounts because he knows I’m good like that. ^_^ So begins a new yet old adventure in employment.

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