President Obama and Democrats to Old People — DIE!

Bloomberg has this interesting piece about yet another element of the so-called stimulus bill wherein Big Brother creates a Health Czar to allegedly control the costs of health care. In fact, this system is worse than the crappiest health insurance company out there as ALL doctors must submit to Big Brother. Big Brother will then determine is a course of treatment, tests, drugs, whatever should be done. If Big Brother feels it isn’t required, screw you. If you are an old person and the cost of a treatment outweighs whatever life expectancy you have, just get over yourself and die already!

So, let the glorious new Big Brother Obama world form as we start down the road of Eugenics. *_*

Man, I’m afraid this is going to be a rough four years or longer. The outrageous spending on Democrat paybacks is bad enough. This little tidbit about Big Brother trying to run our lives more in matters of health just takes the cake.

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