I Can’t Drive 55

Senator John Warner from Virginia feels you are driving too fast. Since he wants to be perceived as “caring” and doing something about your pain at the gas pump, he’s proposed that the national speed limit be returned to 55. That’s just nuts and so I sent the Senator this letter.


Senator Warner,

I know you are not my senator, however, you ARE trying to make my life more difficult and therefore I am writing to you regarding your desire to return us to a national speed limit of 55. I’m sorry sir, but that’s unacceptable. What, should we bow to Mother and Father Government? “The government is mother. The government is father. The government knows what is best for you because you are too stupid to know what to do yourself.”

Sheeze, sir. You know, if I want to reduce my own costs for fuel, guess what? I drive less. I can carpool. I can drive slower ON MY OWN WITHOUT YOU MANDATING IT! It is called freedom.

Do high gas prices suck? You bet. But I don’t need the stupid government being a freaking nanny telling me, “Drive 55 to save money!” Why don’t you watch what I eat, monitor my weight, force me to exercise, etc. while you are at it. I’m sure that will save money as well.

Thank you for your “concern” but frankly, the solution to the gas problem is not for you to make me drive 55.

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