"I Can’t Read!"

Blogspot, which is owned by Google, experienced some problems today with the service, namely that most blogs were throwing up a 502 error. If folks were able to get to their Blogspot blog, it was very slow and accessing the dashboard would fail. So for a while there this morning, this was a right mess, losing Google money (how many blogs have their ads?).

Google has a place for us Blogspot folks to come when to report problems or ask advice. So I went to the problem group and saw someone had already started a thread on the problems I happened to be experiencing. So I added my problem to that discussion thread. By the time I had submitted my post, others had popped in and done the same. The only difference is that a few decided that they needed a new topic to discuss this. Some weren’t satisfied with starting only one topic on this issue, but decided to post more than one.

While that was going on, most of us were discussing things in the problem thread. It was amazing that people continued to ignore the obvious “Blogspot is down” thread and continue to create new threads. Why?

I often wonder if some people even bother to read anything at times. I could understand creating a new topic when the last discussion on the problem a person is experiencing is old. However, when there’s an obvious thread to discuss the outage, what makes said think that starting a new topic (or multiple new topics) is the way to go? Then they ask in their new thread, “Is anyone else having a problem?”

No. We thought we’d discuss a Blogspot outage without actually experiencing a Blogspot outage.

The most outrageous of the new posts regarding the outage was a demand from some Catholic blogger to restore his blog immediately.

Hey dope! We’re all down and when our blogs are restored, your’s will be restored. *_*

Oh well. I had to get that off my chest.

Reader Comments

  1. First, perhaps creating multiple threads/topics on the blogging error would express a matter of urgency, whereas 1 thread has only 1X the force.

    Second, maybe for some reason, some of those who posted might think that each thread/topic represented an individual blog, and then they might want to have their own thread/topic for their own blog just in case.

    Third, perhaps, not knowing that everyone was having the problem, some might think that not every blogger was having the same problem, so they might post their own thread/topic just to be sure.

    Fourth, maybe it’s not that they couldn’t read the original thread/topic. They could read it if they wanted to and if they knew it’s presence. Otherwise, they just didn’t care to read. O_o”

  2. Netiquette is the issue here. There’s the issue of “searching before posting” and “we heard you the first time.” I think your 4th point of “they just didn’t care to read” is closest to the heart of the matter for most of the posters.

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