Starfest 2008 – 03

Dave McDonnell (Starlog magazine editor) came back to do his usual Trailer Park presentation, though apparently he had to be talked back into coming this year. With studios now doing Internet exclusive initial releases for trailers, combined with the fact that one can simply look at any trailer he brought online, he doesn’t see much of a need in his 1.5-hour presentation. I disagree, if for no other reason than I enjoy hearing him speak on certain titles.

I digress.

Two trailers into the presentation, Dave is starting to set up the 3rd when this loud, obnoxious group of people started making a big stink about their reserved seats having been taken. The rules of the place are that if you have a reserved seat, you better arrive WELL before the presentation or event starts. After a certain point, regular ticket holders with no reserve seating are allowed to come forward to the better, unoccupied reserve seats and the event starts.

Regardless, the “Jethro” family was late and a couple of the males were going to make sure we all knew about it. Dave got angry and nearly walked out, promising that this was his last Starfest. Kevin Atkins, Master of Ceremonies, immediately tried to gain control of things. The Jethro’s didn’t want to be settled down and demanded that the Star Trek trailer be replayed for them (the first trailer in the presentation). So Dave replayed it for them, still very angry.

However, after that, Dave calmed down and we didn’t hear from the Jethro’s after that.

Movie-wise, there are a few titles I’m interested in for which we were shown trailers — Iron Man (rental), Hulk (rental), Batman (rental) the new Star Trek (though that’s next summer), Indiana Jones, and Chronicles of Narnia sequel. Beyond that, I don’t recall anything really stirring me up.

So, it looks like next year there will be no trailers, or at least Dave won’t be there.

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