One More Day

Well, there’s only one more day until M-Day. I am REALLY glad I took the time I did to do everything. Seriously, I needed all seven days to properly pack and get ready. All that’s left for tomorrow is the breakdown of my main computer, the breakdown of my main stereo and video equipment, the final load of clothes to be washed, the packing of the last wardrobe box, and the packing of all the personal hygiene stuff as well as the few audio tapes and CD’s I left out to have background noise. Oh, I guess there are a few drinks in the fridge, so obviously they’ll get packed.

Despite having gotten rid of a lot of stuff when I moved into my apartment, I’m still amazed at how many boxes of stuff I have. I’m thankful I have a basement in my new place, because most of the boxed stuff stuff is going down there short-term. The only things not going to the basement will be the multiple boxes for kitchen objects, my box of Japanese study materials, the wardrobes, and the computers.

Whew. I guess I’ll write on the flip side when I once again have Internet access.

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