Moving Stinks

My move isn’t until Monday (thank God for that!) but moving sure stinks. I’m ALMOST done packing and should be finished tonight. That will leave the breakdown of my computers, TV’s, stereos, phones, and related stuff. So I’m doing much better this move than I did nearly three years ago when I moved, but it still sucks.

Moving is already a violent experience in a sense. You are taking the order of what was and turning it into the chaos of boxes and boxes and boxes of stuff. Then toward the end of the packing phase, nothing fits together any more. You have a few books here, a few CD’s there, some odds and ends all over, which means at least a couple of boxes (or more) of assorted stuff, which always sucks to go through on the flip side as well.

As I emptied my office closet of what was supposedly just empty boxes for various electronic equipment (stereos, computer stuff), I discover a few hidden boxes of stuff from three years ago. Sheeze. What’s sad is that I never even missed this stuff seeing as how its been sitting in the closet all this time. *sigh* I won’t open the boxes to distract myself (I have an idea of what’s in all of them — books mostly) but I have to be better when I move to my new place though. I’m having most of the boxes put into the basement. The idea is to be able to have plenty of room to store things and then get EVERYTHING unpacked this time before storing the empty boxes.

I’ll be glad when this is over. Time to get back to it. ^_^;

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  1. @Dusk – it isn’t just books (of which I reduced by 50% after I moved to my current apartment and will reduce again when I finish moving to my condo), but its the videos, DVDs, CD’s, and software. ^_^; Then add the random stuff that just seems to pile up for whatever reasons. Ugh

    @CC — *lol* He doesn’t spoon. Piper is too busy spooning with his various pipes. Tacos has his dogs and games. And Flame has the Red Baron. So I guess I’m on my own. ^_^;

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