Battlestar Galactica S04 E03

SPOILER Summary: The Cylons are split after the centurions have just wiped out those who oppose what the Sixes and Eights have laid out. However, the Ones have their own plan to right the scales and upon being resurrected, they end up leading the troublemaker ships into an ambush where there is no resurrection ship, meaning the deaths will be permanent. Meanwhile on the ship Demetrius, Starbuck’s crew are demoralized as it seems that she just has them going in circles.

Back with the human fleet, the president has to cover to the press for Admiral Adama’s decision to let Starbuck take the Demetrius out to find Earth. At a Quorum session, Lee Adama tries to help the president with this issue as well, but finds that the president is not happy with Lee and doesn’t want his assistance. This forces Lee to protect himself by revealing Roslin’s secret directive to consolidate more power to herself to the other members of the Quorum. Calley suspects Tyrol is having an affair after spotting him with Foster in the bar, but is shocked when she discovers the secret meeting of Tigh, Foster, and Tyrol where she learns they are all Cylons. She’s going to commit suicide (after knocking Tyrol out back in their quarters) by ejecting herself and her baby out a Viper shoot, but is prevented by Foster. However, as soon as Foster has the baby, she attacks Calley and ejects her into space, apparently making it look like suicide.

Thoughts: So, the Cylons are heading to a civil war. Hmmm. While last week’s events were shocking, the fact that Number One would lead several ships of problem Six Cylons (and the like) into a trap to actually kill them was not a surprise to me. For some reason, it wasn’t a surprise to me that the president would suddenly be at odds with Lee, nor was it a surprise that the president seems to be being written in such a way so as to make her seem like the current U.S. president.

It also wasn’t a surprise to me that Starbuck’s crew are having some problems with her.

I was surprised that Calley was killed off AND that Foster did it. I don’t get the feeling that Foster is suddenly taken over by some programming, but rather has decided, “You know, I don’t care. I’m not human any more so I’ll do what I like.” I’m sorry that Calley is gone though, but like Tigh’s wife, I’m sure the writers needed Calley out of the way.

Speaking of Tigh’s wife, looks like she gets a cameo next week.

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