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Today started off early and by 08:00, I had a call from the guys coming to do my air vents that they’d be a half-hour late (09:30 instead of 09:00). That was fine as long as they came in the morning. I packed up all my pictures (I didn’t like how the movers handled them last time), an ice chest full of freezer stuff, and a few other things and headed for my condo.

I stopped by Lowes (I think I should get a sponsorship from them) to pick up a new disposal. I hadn’t done any research on these things, and I immediately regretted my ignorance on the subject, to say nothing of costs. Still, I had to get a new disposal and so I chose a model that was about $200, super-silent, heavy duty, etc. I picked up a small carton of plumbers putty (think Play-Doh) and made it to the condo, where Gonza soon arrived to help me install the sucker. It took a little under 2-hours, but it is pretty sweet and so quiet, both Gonza and myself weren’t sure it was even on and working right when we tested it out. It was.

Just as Gonza left, the guys from the air duct company finally arrived. They couldn’t get a hold of me because they couldn’t reach my cell phone (they had the wrong number, even though I tried to tell them when they’d called previously). Further, they thought they were coming to clean my carpets. *sigh* However, once everything got squared away, they did their thing, using a rotating brush and a massive vacuum to get all the stuff out of the air ducts. The cleaning guys said my ducts were mostly not too bad, though a couple were really bad, which is likely what the inspector cited way back when. Still, when they showed me what they got out (big stuff), it looked like a fair amount to me and I’m glad its not in my air ducts.

So, as I see it, that’s the final thing I need to do before the actual move. *shudder* I can’t wait for that to be over.

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