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More fun on the new home front. Monday was spent at the condo. On the plus side, the new dishwasher was installed with no problems. Yay! The new fridge went in nicely as well. It is amazing how much more space a 25.3 cubic foot fridge has over a 23.x cubic foot one. That’s a nice thing. Because the thing ships with the inner shelves and other things not attached, I got to take a little time to become more familiar with the unit. That’s why when it started making weird noises, I found a Styrofoam piece that was blocking the ice maker.

The cleaning company came by. They estimated a 6-hour job and $250 price tag. But everything will be nice and clean for when I move in, including the windows (which was the biggest thing for me).

Mr. D and Mr. N came by to get the washer and dryer. Mr. D bribed the refrigerator delivery guys to haul down the washing machine for him. I got to say, having that strap system where they sling a couple of straps from a harness’s they two men wear under the unit to haul it away is pretty nifty. When Mr. D and Mr. N strapped the dryer to a dolly, it was a chore to get it down the stairs and onto Mr. N’s truck. No such problem with the harness rig.

On a side note, the dryer kicked out $1.57 as it was moved out. I’m not sure what the guy who lived in teh condo before was doing with money in the dryer. Maybe he was literally trying to launder money. ^_~

As for the bad, DirecTV’s subcontracted company didn’t show up to scope out the place for the dish installation. So I called DirecTV and ended up on hold for 30-minutes. When someone finally got on, they ended up putting me back on hold for several minutes. By the time they got back, my already weak battery died. I had to call back on Tuesday, where the sub-company told me, “We don’t come out unless its to install.”

“You can’t install until you come out and tell me what you are going to do so I can tell the HOA,” I replied.

We went back and forth a few times until I said, “Fine. I guess I don’t get DirecTV then.”

Well, that brought a change from the man on the phone, who immediately said they’d get someone out there. I haven’t heard that yet, so I don’t know if it happened or not. I’m still debating on whether to continue my service or not. Its not like I watch that much TV and it would save me however much a month to not have the service (I wouldn’t get cable either).

Anyway, next week the place gets cleaned and the air ducts cleaned. The movers have been scheduled and packing proceeds. The nice thing is that I have less stuff to move this time (a little more furniture though) as I no longer have the massive VHS collection and I’ve gotten rid of so many boxes of books. I can’t wait until the move is over though.

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