Operation AstroNerdBoy Buys a House 09

Last Friday, Mr. Ra sent me an e-mail with the seller’s response to the inspection, basically agreeing to fix the kitchen facet, the light above the kitchen sink, and the electrical situation in the spare bedroom. I’m not sure when these things will be fixed (I need to check on that) but that’s pretty good news.

Mr. Ra had also asked me to do a check in with the bank about the status of the loan. So I sent an e-mail to ask for a status. To be honest, I figured that it would be late this week or early next before we heard anything back. However, since he e-mailed me on Monday with a time proposal on when to do the actual close, he again mentioned the bank situation.

So, I call the bank and left a message. They returned my call sometime later to tell me that the VA Certificate came through with no problems and that the VA apprasal also came through with no problems. As such, my loan is cleared. All that remains is for the bank to check with the HOA to see exactly what their insurance covers for the loan. I too need to know this so I can contact my own insurance agent and get that squared away.

Bottom line is that the final step will be the actual close, at which time I’ll sign a ton of papers and will then be the proud (sudo) owner of my own residence. From there, the next phase will begin, which will be exciting, scary, and expensive.

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  1. It’s nice to hear that your buying process is going so smoothly. The seller’s response is a wonder.

    Well, although signing the papers may be a sudorific experience, I suppose that the outcome is worth the hassle.

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