Only Two More Days of Suffering

It’s been a year since I ranted about those hideous Vermont Teddy Bear commercials (which they removed from YouTube). This year, they dropped the porno-girls in favor of a couple different musical commercials. One seems to run about 2-minutes with some loser screeching, “Baby it’s you! It’s you!” as the stupid people with their loser bears are on the screen. Annoying to be sure, but at least not as bad as the porno-chicks in the office practically having an orgasm over a stupid teddy bear

I noticed the hideous Pajama-gram commercial is still the same. I’m informed by married men that both Vermont Teddy Bears and Pajama-grams are terrible gift ideas and that your woman will NOT thank you for it, nor will she think you spent days thinking of it unless she’s deaf, dumb, and blind.

Thankfully, it will be over in two days.

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