Fake "Star Trek" Movie Teaser Trailer

I guess J.J. Abrams (Lost, Cloverfield) has created a fake teaser trailer for his forthcoming Star Trek movie.

Well, Mr. Abrams seems to know a thing or two about marketing, eh? I’m pretty sure I’ll go see this.

Update: As MDB pointed out, it isn’t a JJ fake trailer, but a regular fan fake trailer. Still, its pretty good.

Reader Comments

  1. I don’t see how it’s fake. It just looks like a teaser trailer to me. He’s making a Star Trek movie and that’s a Star Trek teaser. So how is it fake?

  2. Freaking AintItCoolNews was calling it a JJ Abrams “fake” trailer. So I knew it was fake but figures JJ was just having a little fun. Thanks for the correction. ^_^

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